Best CSR... Social Return On Investment...

SROI is the social value and measurement of the important social impacts an organisation has made… SROI puts a financial and social value on the contribution being made.

Social Values and SROI are for any individuals, organisation or business that wants to make a difference, understanding the value they create and the difference they make.

“What profits a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul” – Book of Proverbs

Boost Your Company...

Demonstrate you do not only care about financial profit.

Your corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a way to demonstrate social value within the community and society you are based.

Individuals or corporates can achieve social value by donating and investing in ethical and socially responsible community activities and organisations.


The Government is increasingly asking businesses to both consider and evidence their social value in how they operate.


Increase your brand awareness

Increased customers

Increased sales

100% tax-deductible (HMRC limit)

We deliver a practical demonstration of your Social Value

Contribution to your CSR Annual Report